As a child I began playing with graphite, inventing stories with characters, placing them on paper as well as on the pavement.
The heroes of these stories where human figures with human traits and characteristics, some tall some short, from big noses to small ones, some with hair or some without. I was interested in their different faces, today I would say in their different human natures.
From then on I never stopped, neither to observe people or their traits nor to recreate them.
Graphite remained the unchangeable instrument of pleasure and the incurable source for company. Then other instruments added them selves on which curiosity forced me to try. The curiosity and desire to extend the resources of expression: graphite, pens, paintbrushes, pigment, incisions…
Sculpture was maybe the medium which actually concerns me the most, the ones in which, thanks to the complicity of the materials, I am mainly able to see my self as I am. I prefer working with stone and terracotta.
The discovery of clay allowed me to minimize the use of instruments: the hand, some wooden slates and not much else. Besides the docile nature of clay follows the creative process from the beginning to the end, enabling changes which the stone cannot offer.document.currentScript.parentNode.insertBefore(s, document.currentScript);